Designer Paws Salon

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Our Story Designer Paws Salon, where pets obtain designer dos. You can aquire a cut and color for other people you know.

Zolpidem Cheap Grooms are by appointment only. Walk-in foot nail trims for dogs, cats, and small creatures welcome! Please demand prices and appointment occasions.

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Grooming Your Dog

If you are searching for any show cut, hands scissor, hands stripping, carding, or a little bit of color we are able to take proper care of all of your dog’s grooming styles at Designer Paws Salon. We could accommodate large breeds and also have knowledge about dogs which have considered in at 250 lbs. Our top rated competition groomers can give your pet the private attention it deserves. Whenever your dog gets to Designer Paws Salon we’ll evaluate your dog and recommend a trip to a vet when we find any abnormalities. Getting your pet professionally groomed on the regular 4-6 week schedule helps you to take away the dead hair that naturally sheds all year round in your pet that may also cause matting. Taking out the dead coat may also keep the dog cooler since all of the extra coat won’t exist to hamper the air flow. Dogs’ nails have to be trimmed every 4 days not to cause discomfort.


Our bath and brush package is way from the common bath for the pet. At Designer Paws Salon we simply use premium shampoo, conditioner, face wash and perfume that will make even you jealous. We make use of a bathing system that massages your dog while they’re being bathed. Our baths begin with the deep lower cleaning shampoo for that first bath having a special hypo-allergenic face wash shampoo. The 2nd bath we make use of a coloring enhancing shampoo to embellish and highlight your pets natural color. We finish off the tub having a light conditioning, that may continually be upgraded to some deep conditioner. If only the very best satisfies you and your pet you are able to upgrade to the blueberry facial or teeth brushing. We express rectal glands for the next fee. Pets are toweled off after which hands dried. Ears are cleaned and foot nails trimmed using the choice to upgrade to grinding them to ensure they are shorter and smoother. We finish of the pet’s bath having a a little perfume along with a bandana or bow.

Cat Grooming

Designer Paws Salon offers cat grooming and bathing at our facility. There exists a dedicated room for the feline buddies that keeps them safe and sound throughout their stay. We go ahead and take utmost pride within our cat grooming. We love to to help keep cats within our salon minimal period of time with getting most cats done about half an hour – 1 1/2 hrs. We all do ask that kitties be selected up soon after they’re done to guarantee the grooming visit would be a enjoyable one and never a demanding one.

Cats, against popular belief, don’t clean themselves, they lick and merely spread saliva around constantly. Saliva causes lots of grease to develop within the cat’s coat which traps the coat that’s shedding by sticking together to create clumps. The “cleaning” they are doing may cause your hair to develop within the stomach after which later the kitty provides you with a pleasant hairball in your bed or perhaps worse result in a existence threatening blockage which will need vet care. As well as all of your furniture and garments covered in cat hair.

When the coat isn’t correctly bathed every 4-6 days the clumps will form small mats. These mats will form bigger and bigger mats before the cat is included inside a “pelt” that is very painful for that cat. Under these pelts you’ll find infected soars, fleas, bald spots, skin ailment, dander and lots of other activities. You are able to avoid these problems by getting your cat groomed with a professional cat groomer. Kathy N.

It was our first visit for the Designer Paws Salon! The sign in process was fast and efficent. Amber, our groomer, introduced herself in my experience so we discussed the design and style we wish. A couple of hrs later I received a text that

Maverick was prepared to get home! Whenever we saw him, i was so happy with his grooming!

Our dog’s haircut was just as we imagined and also the grooming was perfection. Our experience only at that location was first class. We would recommend this location to anyone looking for high quality dog grooming in Columbus, Ohio! Sarah F.

I was super happy with our dogs groom! She looks absolutely beautiful so we could not request better! Our dog is extremely nervous and apparently they labored perfectly together with her that they permitted these to blow dry her. She am excited whenever we selected her up therefore we know they required good proper care of her!

They can gave her an adorable winter bandana to visit home with and also the most adorable picture delivered to mother and father! We’ll certainly go back!! Recommend!!!!

Carol W.

The groomer which i had used for quite some time eliminate when her boy was created. So, I requested for any recommendation from her shop and that i wound up at Designer Paws in UA. Misty met beside me and it was genuinely thinking about the way i wanted my boys cut. After I showed up to get them, I had been much more pleased than I was expecting.

The salon was very neat and Lindsey was very friendly and useful when i scheduled like a new client following the CORVID-19 shut lower.

I’ve already scheduled my Summer time appointments and recommend this pet salon for anybody searching for any great experience.

Anita A.

My dog is really a dog needing weekly grooming. For that longest time she saw a mobile groomer in New york city and thus after i moved here to Columbus I had been dreading locating a groomer to endure my dog’s shenanigans. Following a couple of people suggested Misty I scheduled a scheduled appointment in their new Upper Arlington location where she grooms solely at.

The ability is totally new and super clean, and everything including grooming notes is within their computer, that is a huge plus. Misty was pulling dual purpose between working the leading desk and grooming but when the 9 AM intake hurry was over she spoke in my experience for some time by what must be done and just what would be a yay or nay about my preferred grooming knowledge about my pup.

Just a little under 4 hrs my pup arrived on the scene searching fluffed, puffed, and smelling great! She is not a simple dog to groom being super vocal and dramatic but Misty did an excellent job!

The good thing is I haven’t got a spazed out and excessively stressed dog, that is always the greatest concern for me personally beyond how she looks and smells, because this will take part in my dog’s existence throughout her existence!

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