The history of the game Zuma

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Now the Internet and our site are filled with a bunch of different versions of the Zuma game, which can be played in the browser with Flash plug-in or even without it, on HTML5, that is, even on phones. And once the game was available only for computers.

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Beginning of history – 2003

In 2003, PopCap released a computer game that was destined to win millions, both in terms of income and the number of players. In 2004 the portal RealAcade recognized the novelty as the best game of the year. The overwhelming success led to the fact that soon versions of the game appeared not only on the PC, but also on other platforms, including Mac computers, XboX, mobile phones and PDAs. Only a year or two – and the game became the absolute leader, having formed a whole fashion for clones, the number of which to this day has already exceeded 50 pieces. Called this amazing new product, of course, Zuma Deluxe. Or, in our opinion, just Zuma. It may seem surprising, but in fact the developers from PopCap have not invented anything new at all. And in fact, games like Zuma are not at all 4 years old, but much, much more. In the next year, 2008, it will be 10 years since the original game, the progenitor of the genre, was released.

PuzzLoop – Zuma’s progenitor

The fact is that back in 1998, an interesting toy appeared on slot machines and on the PlayStation console (nowadays PlayStation 1 is called), in which it was necessary to shoot balls and break chains crawling in spirals. She received the name PuzzLoop (), and its creator was the Japanese company Mitchell. Maybe the reason was that games like Zuma-PuzzLoop are so-called casual, i.e. games designed for ordinary people, not avid gamers. This class includes Lines, Tetris, and other similar to them uncomplicated (compared to modern computer hits) games.

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk Indeed, in 1998, in order to get acquainted with PuzzLoop, it was necessary to have a PlayStation prefix. And gaming consoles – it’s still the lot of gamers, people who consciously choose games as their pastime.

Forgotten games In 2003, to get acquainted with Zuma, it was enough to download it from the game portal. And nowadays everyone has a computer, including people who have never even been interested in games. And so it happened that Zuma became a world hit, and PuzzLoop was buried under a thick, thick layer of dust.

Cheap Zolpidem How did Mitchell react to this? You know, judging by what I was able to read – she was not entirely satisfied. In an interview with the InserCredit site, Mr. Roy Ozaki (Roy Ozaki), the company’s founder, admits that they would sue PopCap, but American lawyers were reluctant to contact and only agreed to a court in the United States. So the case is not even reached the court.

Buy Ambien Online Europe However, the developers from Mitchell did not give up and released a version of PuzzLoop for the handheld game console Nintendo DS. In the Japanese version, the game was named Shokan Puzz Loop, and for the export version, the name Magnetica, which is softer for the gaijin ear, was chosen.

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And presumably, the history of Zuma-PuzzLoop games is not over yet. On the contrary, judging by the abundance of clones, breeding like rabbits under the caressing summer sun, it will last a long time.

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